Invited Speakers

Mehmet ACET – University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Title of talk: Shell-ferromagnetism
  Gediz AKDENİZ – İstanbul University, Turkey
Title of talk: Analysis of author numbers in physics researches in turkey based on “TFD” conference papers
Friedrich AUMAYR – Vienna University of Technology, Vienna
Title of talk: Probing and modifying 2D-materials with ions
Nejat BULUT – İzmir High Technology Institute, Turkey
Title of talk: Electronic correlations in bioinorganic molecules
Hassan CHAMATI – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Title of talk:Elementary excitations in molecular nanomagnets
Maria DONCEL – Liverpool University, United Kingdom
Title of talkLifetime measurements as a tool to study nuclear properties: the 112Te case

Mehmet ERTUĞRUL – Atatürk University – Turkey
Title of talk:
 Metal-CNT/Graphene composites: Ultraconductors and covetics
Sondan DURUKANOĞLU FEYİZ – Kadir Has University – Turkey
Title of talkGrowth and shape stability of Cu-Ni core-shell nanoparticles: An atomistic perspective
Marko FÖRSTEL – Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Title of talkOptical spectroscopy of cationic clusters: a new look at Au4+
Ruth GREGORY – Durham University, United Kingdom
Title of talkSeeded Higgs Vacuum Decay
  Valery GREMENOK – Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarus.
Title of talk: Earth Abundant and Environmentally Sns-Based Thin Film Solar Cells: Preparation and Investigation
Stevan JOKIC – VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia
Title of talk: Informatics and science for all a role of physics teachers
Suren KARABEKYAN – European XFEL, Germany
Title of talkUndulators production and commissioning for the European XFEL
Ersen METE – Balıkesir University, Turkey
Title of talkFormation of Double Perovskite Structure Induced by Co Addition To PbTiO3
Milorad MILOSEVIC – Antwerp University, Belgium
Title of talk: Hydrogen-induced high-temperature superconductivity in two dimensional materials: The case of monolayer MgB2
Todor MISHONOV – University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Title of talkGeneration of Teraherz Oscillations by Thin Superconducting Film in Fluctuation Regime
Şener OKTİK – President of Research and Technological Development (Chief Research and Technology Development Officer, CTO) at Sisecam, Turkey
Title of talkMultilayered and Multifunctional Thin Film Coatings on Glass
Süleyman ÖZÇELİK – Gazi University – Turkey
Title of talk: Single Crystal Growth for Infrared Applications: Germanium and Sapphire
Sebastian RAEDER –Helmholtz Institute Mainz /GSI, Germany
Title of talk: Laser spectroscopy of the Heaviest Elements
Diana SAVU – IFIN-HH, Romania
Title of talk: New developments in radiobiology with biomedical applications for cancer therapy
Oliver G. SCHMIDT – IFW Institutes, Dresden, Germany
Title of talk: Physics and applications of nanomembranes: A fantastic voyage through disciplines
  Bükem TANÖREN BİLEN-Boğaziçi University, Turkey
Title of talkScanning Acoustic Microscopy for Pathological Diagnosis
Constantino TSALLIS – Brazilian Academy of Science, CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Santa Fe Institute USA,
Title of talkBeyond Boltzmann-Gibbs in physics and elsewhere
Gökhan ÜNEL – California University, USA
Title of talk: Analysis Description Languages for LHC
Mehmet Burçin ÜNLÜBoğaziçi University – Turkey
Title of talk: 
Range Verification in Proton Therapy